Initial Application

Kettering Health realizes that the process to request hospital privileges can be time consuming. To alleviate the time constraints, Kettering Health uses a Central Verification Office to handle appointment and reappointment processing. This significantly reduces the amount of time required to process because credentials are verified centrally, instead of by each facility.

Accreditation standards require that we verify certain data with the primary source. This is accomplished by requesting verification directly from the individual or institution and requiring that their response be returned directly to our office. Information requiring primary source verification includes, but is not limited to, professional school graduation, postgraduate training, professional references, hospital affiliations, malpractice history and professional licenses. For your application to be considered complete, all information must be verified. Please remember that it is the applicant's ultimate responsibility to ensure that all information has been received.

The Request Process

Completion of the application DOES NOT guarantee acceptance by any of our facilities. Total processing time could take up to 120 days for approval. The Expedited Process does not include temporary privileges.

For Initial Applications at Kettering Health, a provider will complete the application electronically.

Once the request has been submitted, it will be reviewed to ensure that criteria is met.
The practitioner will be notified by the CCO if they do not meet the minimum criteria.
Once the pre-application is approved; the practitioner will receive two emails; the first will contain a link to the practitioner home page, and the second will contain a temporary password.

Please allow 2-3 business days for your Request to be reviewed before emails are sent to the preferred email address.

Once your application is received by the Central Credentialing Office it will be reviewed for completeness. Should your application be deemed incomplete (unanswered questions or omissions, including signatures, on the application or if any of the required documentation is not submitted) the central credentialing office personnel will notify you of the incomplete application and outstanding information via email. Your application will also be deemed incomplete if the need arises for new, additional or clarifying information at any time during the application process.
The CCO completes primary source verification of the practitioner's credentials and the file is made available for the Medical Staff Office(s) consideration by the Credentialing Committee, Medical Executive Committee and Hospital entity Board. The decision to grant or deny privileges is based on specific criteria being reviewed.