Haiku And Canto Instructions

Haiku (iPhone and Android) and Canto (iPad). These are applications that allow physicians to access limited patient data on a mobile device. Download the app from the App store on your device.

Download the App

Configure the App

Once you have Haiku or Canto installed, go into your settings on either device and scroll down to the Haiku/Canto app and click on it.
You should see Server and Path fields to fill in.

  • Server: khnepicmobile.ketthealth.com
  • Path: Haiku

Log in

  1. On your device, tap the Haiku or Canto icon.
  2. Enter your user ID and password in the login fields (the first time you log in you'll need to accept the Terms and Conditions).

If you forget your user ID or password, call the ISupport at 937-384-4500.
View more info/instructions on how to use Haiku and Canto

Switching Between Organizations

For each organization that you want to link to Haiku they will need to provide you with a link to download to configure your settings. To add Kettering Health to your existing Haiku, please scan the QR code below. To toggle or switch between organizations, once you have downloaded the file from each organization, you would click on the banner that states the organization name. (In the example below: Kettering Health Production)  Then select the organization's environment that you would like to use.

QR Code Toggling

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